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We want to ensure that you receive the right guidance to make the most of your professional career. SD Worx therefore offers various types of jobs and different types of contracts! Discover the different types of contracts below.

Temporary contract

Are you looking for something flexible and temporary that fits in with your schedule? At SD Worx we offer the possibility of a temporary contract. This allows you to fully explore what job suits your situation best.

Temporary contract with an option for a permanent contract

Through temporary work we employ people both for a short and a longer period. Our offices also offer many jobs with the option for permanent employment. After a positive interim period, there is a chance that you will be offered a permanent contract.

Permanent contract

Are you looking for permanent work? Then it is good to know that SD Worx Jobs does not only offer temporary temping assignments. We also have vacancies that offer a permanent contract from the start.

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