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Working as a production worker

A production worker, what is that?

A production worker is often thought of as an assisting position. A production worker performs tasks related to the production process, such as in a factory. The tasks are generally routine, but vary depending on the industry in which the production worker operates. Often a production worker works with a warehouse worker.


Wat zijn de voornaamste taken van een productiemedewerker?


  • Manually sorting, assembling, assembling and/or packing goods
  • Setting up, monitoring and operating machines
  • Checking the quality of goods
  • Finishing and stickering goods
  • Warehouse work: collecting parts from orders and replenishing stocks
  • Doing belt work
  • Cleaning and maintaining machines


Where does a production worker work?

Production workers can be employed in all kinds of industries. For example, they are always in demand in metalworking, textiles, food, pharmaceuticals, woodworking and so on. Depending on the sector, workers are expected to participate in training or courses. For example, a production worker must know about the HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) rule if they want to work in the pharmaceutical or food sector. SCC (Safety, Health and Environment) training should ensure that workers are familiar and comfortable with the safety regulations used in the workplace.


Become a production worker in 2,3,4 or 5 shifts

 As a production worker, you will usually work in a shift system. Which shift system suits you best depends on several factors.

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