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    What is an administrative assistant?

    A position as an administrative assistant or administrative clerk is very all-round or polyvalent, where you work in a supportive, executive and administrative capacity. Within this position, you will often work with the management assistant, account manager or HR consultant.


    Job description of an administrative assistant

    Since the administrative assistant position is hugely polyvalent, it is split according to the department where you will perform the job. The most common ramifications:

    • Accounting administrative assistant 
    • Commercial administrative assistant 
    • Financial administrative assistant 
    • Logistics administrative assistant 
    • Operational administrative assistant 
    • Secretarial administrative assistant 
    • Technical administrative assistant

    In general, they perform the following tasks:

    • Providing customer service 
    • Typing out meetings and other reports 
    • Word processing 
    • Processing customer data correctly 
    • Support the other staff 
    • Helping set up events and the administration involved in them 
    • Handle emails and phone calls


    Where does an administrative assistant work?

    Are you convinced after this information that you want to work as an administrative assistant in , but still wondering what type of company you want to end up in? Given the versatility and versatility of an administrative assistant, they can work in many types of companies! This can be both part-time (part-time) / full-time and temporary or permanent, and depending on the company in some cases even without a degree. Certainly do not hesitate to apply if interested or contact one of our offices!

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