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Working as a customer service representative

A customer service representative, what is that?

A customer service representative (also called customer support or customer service representative) is the person in the organization who answers customers by phone and/or e-mail. The incoming questions and/or complaints are often about a product or the company's services. A job as a customer service representative is often compared to that of a customer support representative.


What are the main duties of a customer service representative?


  • Answering incoming calls and speaking to customers with questions, complaints or change requests
  • Handling and archiving incoming e-mails and reported complaints
  • Answering customer questions, for example about payments, personal details or subscriptions
  • Possibly referring customers with complex questions to second-line specialistsa
  • Registering changed or new customer data in the system
  • Providing information about products and services
  • Reporting details to the customer service manager


Where does a customer service representative work?

Customer service employees can be found in all service and commercial organizations, such as, insurers, banks, e-commerce companies, municipalities, energy suppliers and logistics companies. In other words, there is plenty of choice! They generally work with colleagues who, like them, focus on speaking to customers, such as call center staff, account managers and help desk staff. 

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