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Working as an operator

An operator, what is that?

An operator operates machinery or an entire plant in an industrial setting. A distinction is often made between a process operator or a machine operator.


What are the main tasks of an operator?


  • Operating machines
  • Identify and report deviations to the production process
  • Monitor production equipment effectively
  • Perform production, inspection, packaging and operation of machinery
  • Perform basic machine maintenance
  • Check quality of raw materials and products
  • Work according to safety and hygiene regulations


Where does an operator work?

Operators are employed in all kinds of factories. Think metal industry, textile industry, metal industry, waste processing and so on. There are many job opportunities for this position.


Become an operator in 2,3,4 or 5 shifts

As an operator, you will usually work in a shift system. Which shift system suits you best depends on several factors.

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