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Working as a salesperson

A salesperson, what is that?

A salesperson ensures that the store inventory is reduced by selling goods and/or services to customers. As a salesperson, you are the face and point of contact for the store


What are the main tasks of a salesperson?

The tasks of a salesperson are diverse and depend on the type of store you are employed in. In general, a salesperson is responsible for:

  • Greeting customers, answering questions, and providing advice
  • Explaining the operation of products
  • Processing product transactions
  • Wrapping purchases and unpacking goods
  • Optimizing store layout and monitoring it
  • Keeping the store clean
  • Checking inventory and replenishing it if necessary
  • Administrative tasks (e.g., cash register and inventory)
  • Opening or closing the store


Where does a salesperson work?

Salespeople naturally work in a store. Your colleagues are often shelf stockers, and you report to the branch manager.


Commissions as a salesperson

When you start working as a salesperson, you often operate under a reward system. When the salesperson achieves the predetermined targets, they are rewarded with additional compensation in the form of a commission (monetary amount) or incentives (e.g., gift vouchers or trips). The exact amount of this commission varies from store to store (and by sector) but often falls between 2% and 6%.

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